What is inside The YIKEBIKE ?

One of the best parts of the Yikebike, is that the components are very simple, if you open a Yikebike, you will only found three mayor components

1) Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, made by the best manufacturer of batteries in the industry, same manufacturer for Sony Batteries, that guarantee the quality and safe products

2) Direct Drive engine ! No Transmission, belts or chains, with more power per pound than a Race car !!

3) Simple Electric signals controller !!


You will NOT find any Balancers, gyroscopics, stabilizers , or any electronic sophisticated component, that makes a yikebike, more than the simple first view like a gorgeous product, a very likely simple machine !!


Simplify your life !! get a yikebike.


We still have units fully assembled in NZ, because in 2015 this condition has changed, and assembled by the original technicians , condition changed too, but seems to be not for better !


Get it now on 36er.bike , and will be delivered immediatelly !

YikeBike America
YikeBike America